Nobu Tanaka

Professional Photographer


I am a photographer based in London, originally from Japan. I have been shooting for the past decade since I graduated in Technical photography from Appalachian state university, USA.

I have worked for weddings, news papers, non-profit organisations, musical events, events, and various other private clients.

My projects have been based both within Japan and overseas. I am fluent in English and Japanese so communicating with clients is done so without issue. Travel is my passion so I'm willing to go to anywhere in the world.

I started shooting promotional music videos a couple of years ago and am developing my skills in video production.

Feel free to contact me for quotes.


ウェディング、新聞、NGO, 音楽イベント、イベント、様々なお客様よりお仕事を承っております。

日本だけではなく、海外でもお仕事を頂いており、ご連絡を頂ければ、世界中どこでもお伺いいたしま す。英語と日本語での会話が出来ますので、お客様との会話もスムーズに行うことが出来ます。



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